Jerzy Rybaj


Trainee Dental Nurse

Hi, I am the newest CBC Dental Studio team member. A few years ago, I qualified from the Medical College in Ukraine in 2006. Since then, I enrolled in a dental nursing course and worked as a dental nurse NHS and private practices to improve my knowledge and skills and gained some experience.

I joined CBC Dental Studio in May 2017 and I have never been happier with my job. Each working day is full of dental knowledge and positive energy of our friendly professional team. I explored a new range of A-standard dental skills in this dental practice, working at high standards and providing the best care and service to the patients in a professional manner.

In the nearest future, I am planning to pursue with my working experience, knowledge and skills for further development in dentistry. My ambition is to become a head dental nurse, which requires a lot of persistence, hard work and dedication.

In my free time, I enjoy learning new things, socialising with my family and friends, swimming and reading English classic and poetry. I am also highly interested in healthy lifestyle and follow the latest news about healthy eating and wellbeing. I speak English, Ukrainian, Russian and Polish languages.