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Your Smile


Did you know that you can tell where someone is from just from their smile? A researcher in America believes he can. Dacher Keltner, a psychology professor at the University of California, carried out an extensive study into the 43 facial muscles that are used when making a smile. One of his conclusions was that the smile of British people is more sincere and genuine than the smiles of Americans. Mr. Keltner was spot on in identifying a British orRead More »

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Sedation Dentistry


We are all familiar with nervousness before visiting a doctor, especially when this doctor appears to be a dentist. Many people deal with this fear rather easily, calming themselves down quickly, but for some patients it is a very big struggle to overcome this state. Specially for them, we present our sedation dentistry. Its aim is to make sure that you feel comfortable, safe and relaxed during the whole procedure. In our practice we use so-called conscious sedation. It simplyRead More »