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Sedation Dentistry


We are all familiar with nervousness before visiting a doctor, especially when this doctor appears to be a dentist. Many people deal with this fear rather easily, calming themselves down quickly, but for some patients it is a very big struggle to overcome this state. Specially for them, we present our sedation dentistry. Its aim is to make sure that you feel comfortable, safe and relaxed during the whole procedure.

In our practice we use so-called conscious sedation. It simply makes the patient sleepy, drowsy, relieves from any kind of pain and leaves only a few memories about procedure. As it follows from the name, it keeps you conscious, so that, if necessary, you would be able to follow commands and answer questions.

Regarding the suitability for using sedation, it is determined by age, health condition and need. Specifically, it can be used in following cases:

  • Anxious patients
  • Patients with traumatic experience in the past
  • Procedures, which are rather complex or last for a long time
  • Uncomfortable procedures

Before using sedation during the procedure, Dr. Meskhi would be happy to explain everything in detail and give a piece of personal advice.

You will need some time to recover after the procedure and the recovery period depends on the type of medicine been used, your personal respond to it and the duration of procedure. In most cases, it is less than 30 minutes. However, no matter how much time you need to recover, our specialists will check before you leave the practice to make sure it is safe for you.

Using conscious sedation during treatment is an important and responsible decision and our professional team is here to make sure that you receive all possible information before making it and our specialists will be glad to prepare, monitor your condition and assess you throughout the whole procedure.