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Your Smile


Did you know that you can tell where someone is from just from their smile? A researcher in America believes he can. Dacher Keltner, a psychology professor at the University of California, carried out an extensive study into the 43 facial muscles that are used when making a smile. One of his conclusions was that the smile of British people is more sincere and genuine than the smiles of Americans.

Mr. Keltner was spot on in identifying a British or American smile when asked to identify which side of the Atlantic someone was from, just by looking at a photograph. He identified the correct nationality nine times out of ten.

A genuine British smile means pulling the lips backwards and upwards to reveal the bottom teeth. The cheeks are raised and the crow’s feet wrinkles to the side of the eyes show. Keltner said Prince Charles has the most typical warm British smile.

The average American smile is less expressive because the eye muscles are not part of the smile. He likened it to a Botox injection, which leaves the upper half of the face motionless. He also said smiling means you have a more successful life.