Success Stories



A perfect transformation of a timid and anxious woman into a self – confident lady.

Manana, a chef by profession wanted to be backstage all the time. She was conscious of her appearance and used to shy away from interacting with her customers about the food and always preferred to be away from the limelight.

Manana knew deep down that the solution of her problem is a smile makeover, but she was too terrified even with the thought of a dentist that getting a full – fledged treatment done used to scare her soul.

Her friend Kate, who herself is a patient of CBC Dental Studio convinced her to visit us in July 2016. Our experts had an informal chat with her, made her at ease, and then thoroughly examined her oral conditions and assessed her smile.

A multi-step treatment plan was drafted. Manana was explained all the bits and pieces of the treatment plan and according to her availability the appointments were booked, as being a full-time chef it was difficult for her to take out time from the jam-packed schedule.

Slowly yet steadily the treatment plan was materialised. With the perfect combination of extractions, cosmetic fillings and cosmetic crowns, our experts made a solid and sturdy framework to support partial dentures for her.

We still remember the day of her final appointment, Manana was in seventh heaven. She was so happy and satisfied with her appearance that she couldn’t stop smiling. The denture complimented her personality perfectly.

Manana is not the same timid lady anymore. She emerges as a smiling, confident woman who can’t wait to flash her smile at her workplace. Her customers are now not only a fan of her food but also of her dazzling confident smile.

She is the perfect hostess who loves serving her clients the tastiest food with the warmest smile.

    Smile Makeover

    Case 1 – Complex Jobs


The Tale of Survival after a Fatal Accident.

Bruised swollen lips, mobile teeth and damaged gums – is the description of Ivan’s face when he entered CBC dental studio for the first time.

We often see cases, when after an accident, people lose their teeth and get serious aesthetic damage. Such patients may take a very long time to heal and eat normally. But Ivan’s recovery was phenomenal.

Ivan visited CBC Dental Studio as an emergency patient. Our experts saw him immediately, carried on the initial assessment, radiographs and did some urgent treatment to settle down the pain, mobile teeth and bleeding gums. After that, a detailed treatment plan was drafted considering the steps in the treatment of teeth and time taken in natural healing.

With a mix up of cosmetic fillings and cosmetic crowns, our experts succeeded in saving all his natural teeth. None of the natural teeth was avulsed, regardless of the fact that they were extremely mobile after the accident.

Ivan regained his smile and confidence in no time.

Treating such patients require great precision and immense patience as even a minor misjudgement can lead to loss of teeth, but our experts succeeded again in providing the best possible treatment care.


CBC Dental Studio loves to change patient’s life by giving confident and beautiful smile. We found a great way to change smile in just 6 month.

After divorce, our patient had lack of confidence and thought that she never finds new love again. After consultation with our specialist Dr. Meskhi, she decided to change her smile quickly by having “6 months smiles” treatment. This treatment allows changing teeth location in the time range between 4-8 months.

Treatment was going as planed and in only 6 months, it was successfully completed. She got her confidence back as well as beautiful smile. Most importantly that during her treatment her life changed completely and she met someone special.

What else can we wish for? When patient is happy, we are happy.



Aleksandra, recently attended CBC Dental Studio concerned about her smile. She was unhappy with colour and shape of some of her front teeth. She was worried about her smile and wanted her treatment to be quick and have perfect smile, as her wedding day was only couple of weeks away.

CBC Dental Studio’s experts drafted an exclusive treatment plan for her customised according to her dental needs. She was offered professional cleaning of her teeth by our hygienist, Home teeth whitening and cosmetic veneer/restorations for her front teeth.

CBC Dental Studio’s experts gave clear instructions and guidance on the procedure. Aleksandra took the whitening kit home and used it at night for the next week, without any fear, in the comfort of her home achieving natural, whiter and brighter smile. After whitening, Aleksandra had cosmetic restorations done within one appointment.

Aleksandra was amazed and completely satisfied with her new smile and was extremely excited for her wedding.

We love when our patients smile confidently.

Aleksandra, We are sure your wedding pictures will be just amazing!

Congratulations once again for your Big Day from CBC Dental Studio…


Tanya, a young self-conscious patient recently attended us very concerned about her discoloured yellow looking teeth. She is a heavy tea and coffee drinker having 4-7 mugs a day and used to be a smoker.

As her big day is fast approaching, she knew time was running out and she needed to take action.
She came to CBC Dental Studio quite nervous as we as dentists were not her favourite people due to her childhood traumatic experience.

Dr Tim Meskhi carried out a 360* Oral Health Assessment covering all aspects and understanding Tanya’s dental needs and desires.
It is very important for us that we treat every patient not just dentally but we factor all aspects of their lives that have an impact on their dental health to achieve long lasting results.
Due to Tanya’s busy work and personal lifestyle she was not too keen for the one-off whitening procedures as she was very conscious that her friends, colleagues and family would notice.
CBC Dental Studio offered a Home Whitening System for a perfect solution.

Dr Meskhi gave clear instructions and guidance on the procedure. Tanya took the kit home and used it at night for the next week, without any fear, in the comfort of her home achieving natural, whiter and brighter smile.


What Tanya said:

Aww, it looks amazing, I can smile again but with confidence now, thankyou so much

CBC Dental Studio would like to wish Tanya all the best for her big day!


11216It is very common in dental industry to meet patients with dental phobia.

Once again, we have met a young woman with that problem. Valentina was brave to come to her first treatment with us but very scared to begin the treatment. We are proud to say that our calm atmosphere and friendly staff made her feel comfortable and forget about the phobia. She left dental chair with a big smile on her face and could not be more grateful for all we have done.

We are very happy that have helped her to overcome the fear and finish treatments before she started university lectures.


25815Anna P. was very nervous whilst waiting for the appointment, because of the fear of pain and the sound of drilling teeth, which accompanied her from childhood. After a friendly consultation, a treatment plan was proposed for the removal of wisdom tooth, installation of the implant to replace of the lost tooth and several cosmetic treatments, including teeth whitening.

Also we noticed that Anna almost did not smile and closed her mouth when she was speaking. We therefore offered her to come for a free consultation with our orthodontist Maria.
Maria advised Anna to undergo treatment with the new innovative short orthodontic treatment “6 Month Smiles”, which would improve her smile in a short period of time and Anna will be able to forget about the discomfort and dissatisfaction caused by uneven teeth. To Anna’s delight, the treatment lasted only five months.

Consenting to the treatment which was suggested by Dr. Meskhi and Maria was one of the best decisions in my life! I used to be terribly self-conscious and I would hesitate to smile broadly/naturally. Also I would always be wary of which angle I was being photographed from, as I would only be comfortable to be pictured from a specific foreshortening which would hide my crooked teeth. Thanks Doctor Meskhi, Maria and all CBC Dental Studio’s staff for their invaluable help and support throughout these months! Now I am able to express my emotions with a newfound burst of confidence. Thank you!

As a team, we would like to thank Anna P. for choosing our clinic and whole-heartedly wish her all the best!


15515“He didn’t even want to leave!”

Our little patients are a separate case. CBC Dentals treats kids over 3 years old so it can be that very first experience for any of them. An experience that may influence negatively their future communication with dentists since dental fears root deep in our subconscious and can be embedded at the time, that we can’t even remember. Matvey was 6 year old when he got to our clinic, and seemed quite constrained in the beginning. Nonetheless, after a short friendly talk with our principal dentist he relaxed and endured fillings without any stressing out. His mother was amazed when after the treatment he expressed a wish to stay a bit longer. Here we should obviously thank two toy doggies guarding the clinic! You are always welcome Matvey! We are especially glad to have such a brave and loyal patient.


“They managed to fix the hopeless tooth”.

Dylan P is a vertical gardener with a very busy business of his own. He usually arrived to our clinic in the intervals between his gardening sessions – and had to do it quite often having a complicated root canal therapy. Professional root canal treatment is very essential. No one is willing to part with the tooth if we can avoid it. Besides, many patients are terrified with the perspective of manipulation over an aching, infected tooth. Dylan’s feedback was as positive as his personality. He wrote :

Very happy with the results, service and my full new month

We would be completely satisfied if also persuaded him to give up smoking!


“I needed a miracle to save my party!”

Our patient Tatiana K was desperate on the phone. No surprise – how would you feel if you broke your front tooth just before the New Year? Alas, nobody is safe against it; sometimes our dental tissue can be very fragile and it may even happen over a bowl of popcorn. Our primary task was to convince the patient that everything was going to be fine and nothing would prevent her from being the star of the party. We arranged an urgent appointment the same day to restore the tooth right away. The composite filling treatment appeared to be very effective – the chipped tooth regained its natural shape, and Tatiana was happy to see her smile in the mirror. There is a particular pleasure in helping patients at magic Christmas and New Year time. Seems like we can work wonders!



111014“I hope we could be together again”

We were deeply touched when our patient David L revealed the true goal of his visit. Some months before he had quarrelled with his girlfriend and she still didn’t want him back. He promised her to “change” (isn’t it the uttermost wish of every woman?) and decided to get a complete makeover of his appearance and life habits. We don’t know any details of his psychological quest but we tried to do everything to make his smile look charming. The treatment included thorough hygienist, several white fillings and subsequent teeth whitening. Sincerely hope that future Mrs L appreciated the results as David did!