Dental bridges, or fixed removable dentures are designed and fitted to replace missing teeth and are one of the most common dental procedures. Essentially a false tooth (also called a pontic) with crowns either side that lock the bridge into place, they can be supported by either your natural teeth or (if required) implants. The pontic itself can be formed from porcelain, alloys or gold, zirconia or a combination of these materials.

There are different types of bridge available in dentistry dependent on the condition and the gap that needs ‘bridging’. This is a flexible solution that Dr. Meskhi will be happy to discuss with you, before advising on the correct one, based on his experience and knowledge.

“So I have a missing tooth. Does it have to be replaced?”

There are several reasons why it is important to maintain a full set of teeth, apart from the obvious aesthetic considerations. Firstly, and most importantly, your teeth are individually reliant on the support of their adjacent ‘colleagues’. A missing tooth allows those alongside to shift into the space and can cause further problems such as a poor ‘bite’ or a food trap. Less obviously, the shape of your face is affected by the loss of teeth, as can be your speech. Finally, gaps in the gum line can encourage gum disease and tooth decay as a result of food accumulating in the space.

As with all modern dental practises, the procedure itself is straightforward. Normally two visits to Dr. Meskhi’s surgery will be required. The first will allow for your teeth on either side of the proposed bridge to be prepared, much in the same way as they are for the fitting of a simple crown. Dr. Meskhi will then take an impression of the area with dental putty which will form the mould that the laboratory will use to prepare the bridge. Given the importance of the final cosmetic appearance of the bridge, a shade guide (and your own opinion) will be used to ensure a perfect colour match to the natural teeth.

A lifespan of around ten years can be expected from your bridge, dependent on the usual factors surrounding how carefully the fitment is maintained. Allow Dr. Meskhi to fully advise you of the suitability of this treatment and be assured of receiving the highest quality treatment and attention.