Cosmetic Dentistry


Many people experience some confusion regarding which dental treatments are considered as ‘cosmetic’. Well the term cosmetic in regards to dentistry refers to the improvement of the colour, shape or arrangement of teeth, in order for the smile to be enhanced in the eyes of the beholder. Therefore, cosmetic dental procedures include a range of treatments with the ultimate objective of assisting the patient in creating their ‘optimum smile’. A few common example of cosmetic dental procedures include veneers, metal free (white) crowns, composite bonding of tooth-coloured fillings, Six Months Smile treatment as well as teeth whitening. The decision to undergo any of these treatments has been proven to be a positive and life-affirming one for many. Not only do they serve to benefit your physical appearance massively, but can also advantage the patient medically, in terms of function and longevity of teeth and psychologically to enhance the patients’ confidence and self-esteem.

Cosmetic dentistry caters to a vast majority of people and their dental inconveniences, regardless of the cause of the initial ‘cosmetic flaw’. For instance a very common reason why people seek cosmetic dental treatment is due to tooth discolouration. This may be as a result of various factors such as the natural process of ageing (worn dull teeth), smoking and excessive consumption of dark coloured beverages/foods. Other causes of tooth discolouration include side effects of medications, an individual’s genetic makeup or even excessive fluoride consumption. Teeth whitening, composite bonding and veneers offer a cosmetic dentistry solution for people with discoloured/dull-looking teeth. However tooth discolouration is not the only issue that cosmetic dentistry can resolve as those who are dissatisfied with their smile in general, can rely on a range of treatments to rectify this.

For instance if you are worried about missing teeth, a dental implant can very conveniently rectify such a great inconvenience providing a replacement which will feel no less than your very own natural tooth/teeth. Maybe you don’t like the very noticeable metal crown/filling in your mouth and feel exposed every time you talk, laugh or smile? Well you no longer have the need to feel self-conscious as cosmetic dentistry presents metal free crowns/composite bonding so that any dental treatment in your mouth is totally unnoticeable and entirely natural-looking.
Also if you are discontented by the alignment/positioning of your teeth, cosmetic orthodontic treatment such as Six Months Smiles is ideal for patients who want the cosmetic straightening benefits of braces, but who do not need more complex corrections to their bite or occlusion. The clear brackets and tooth coloured wires worn during the short treatment are hardly visible to ensure an optimum cosmetic dental treatment experience.

If you are seeking aesthetically pleasing results for one of the most prominent areas of your body, your mouth, then cosmetic dentistry is accommodated exactly for you. All the cosmetic treatments listed above are effective and efficient ways to re-establish that ‘dream smile’ which you deserve. Once a comprehensive assessment has been carried out, your wishes alongside professional opinion will be taken into consideration, and a smile makeover plan constructed. Will you be the person to take this active step in making a difference to potentially improve your quality of life? Or will you be the one forever holding on to “ifs” and “buts”, with nothing to hold on to but a handful of regrets? The decision is yours and a vital one to make. Makeover your smile today.