Given that the first porcelain dentures were produced in around 1770 and that other materials have been fashioned into ‘false’ teeth since 700BC (including wood!), it is fair to say that this dental solution is tried and tested.

Modern technology now produces dentures that are cosmetically and functionally highly sophisticated and will dramatically improve the quality of life of those who, for whatever reason, have lost their natural teeth. A variety of materials, including acrylic resins, are used by laboratories who manufacture the units and they are remarkably realistic and comfortable in use.

Dentures can be of either the “partial” or “complete” type and the difference is self-explanatory. The problems caused by missing teeth (shifting of adjacent teeth leading to bone loss, for example) can be prevented by employing a partial denture, whilst total tooth loss across a single arch will necessitate a complete set.

Suction alone is generally enough to hold the teeth in place, although fixative and/or implants can be employed in certain circumstances.

The first stage when considering fitment is for Dr. Meskhi to assess the condition of the arch and the need for any extraction of teeth, or treatment to ready the gums to accept the dentures.

The denture-making process itself involves making an impression of the ridges on which the dentures will sit and submitting this to the manufacturer. In the period between your visits you may be provided with a temporary fitment, known as an ‘immediate denture’ which allows any healing of the gums to take place and obviously provides a good degree of usability.

Do not let the loss of your natural teeth lead to a reduction in your confidence or enjoyment of life. Instead, allow Dr. Meskhi to boost your confidence with a solution that only you need ever know about.

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