The Wand STA


For some patients, visiting the dentist surgery alone can be daunting without even having any treatments. So the thought of having an injection (which can be very uncomfortable and painful) can make some patients feel extremely uneasy and anxious. However, thanks to new technology delivered by The Wand STA (Single Tooth Anaesthesia), such feelings can be completely avoided with this pain free equipment.

The Wand STA device, which Dr Meskhi is pleased to offer to his patients, a renowned and intelligent system, which enables dentists to painlessly numbed anaesthetic with very acute precision and accuracy. It is easy to administer and with such accurate results, it leads way to more rapid anaesthesia. With its unique hand piece, a dentist can minimise tissue damage and ensure only the area needing treatment is numbed without affecting patients’ lips and face. Therefore, patients can return to their normal routine once treatment is complete, which is significantly important in today’s fast paced lifestyle.

With such positive results, it’s no wonder The Wand STA is growing in popularity amongst dentists worldwide. If you wish to read more about this device, please click on the link provided.