Dental veneers are the most practical way of producing that winning look and getting the smile of your dreams.

Made of laminates of porcelain (the strongest type) or other hard-wearing composite materials, our expertly crafted veneers are permanently bonded to your own teeth in order to correct a number of problems. Veneers are the quickest and most effective method of creating perfectly proportioned teeth, the like of which occur naturally in just a lucky few!

Whether it be gaps that have bothered you for many years, severe staining that cannot be removed by standard methods or to correct damaged or crooked teeth when orthodontics or braces are not desirable, veneers can be both the best and most cost-effective answer.

Every veneer is uniquely and individually formed to ensure that the end result is pleasingly natural and as comfortable as your own teeth, with the added advantage that veneers are stain-resistant to a greater degree than the underlying enamel. The veneers are cemented to the prepared surface of your teeth in a process that normally takes just two visits to our surgery and effectively work in a similar fashion to false fingernails. Expect the best veneers to last up to ten years and be certain that they will transform the way you face the world.

Given that a veneer can actually improve the strength and integrity of your natural tooth, allow Dr. Meskhi to subtly improve the colour and uniformity of your teeth. There are few other dental treatments that are this pleasing to produce.

The confidence inspired by perfectly presented, stain-free and totally natural looking teeth cannot be overstated and Dr. Meskhi has the experience, skills and reassuring manner to ensure that your visits are undemanding.

Indeed, with over fifteen years practice in cosmetic dentistry the treatment provided by Dr. Meskhi will be surprisingly pleasant, and simply flawless.